About Us

Who We Are

OnlineDhobi.in is a way to enhance your cleanliness in Ground-Breaking way. It allows you to keep your clothes dirt free and spotless so that you breathe in an healthy environment and make an impression in your surrondings. We provide hassle free services for 'free pick up and delivery' at your doorstep to save your precious time and money. Forget about the time spent on journey to the laundry (and the parking, and walking with a heavy load, and possibly getting it wet in the rain). Now we can make your life easy. We can come to you on a single call or online order. With multiple laundry tie-ups and many years of their expertise in the business, Online Dhobi is committed to offering the highest quality products and services to all our customers. Our reputed busy clients get the benefits of tracking their orders without any extra efforts. We inform their order status with our high tech systems which bring more satisfaction in the mind of our customers.

What We Do

We have tie-ups with multiple laundry owners who are well-versed in washing, ironing and dry-cleaning the clothes with their expertise. When we get an order from our customers we immediately forward the request to them and the process gets initiated of collecting the clothes, perform the actions as per your requirements and delivers back to your doorstep. We hope to build the satisfaction of both our individual clients and our clients through our major societies.We believe that we will achieve customer loyalty through our continued effort in finding ways to further improve our business to satisfy our customer's needs.
The services that we provide to our customers are:

  • Free Pickup

  • Washing

  • Ironing

  • Dry-Cleaning

  • Free Delivery

Our Goal

It's simple - to make our planet clean and free from dust, to sweep and drive away the dust, to wash and cleanse the dirt, to ease out the wrinkles to make it crisp and comfortable. We aim to bring awareness in everyone to stay neat and clean whether it comes to clothes or any place.